By Katja Kromann

June round-up

June round-up
June recap

And there goes another month, putting us into the second half of the year.

Here is what we did in June.

  1. Getting the patio ready for summer with our new firepit
  2. Patio lounge - new rug, pillows and forever succulent
  3. B's walk-in closet
  4. Gift wrap for a Bat Mitzvah
  5. B's tween bedroom - the reveal
  6. Two favorite vignettes in the dining room
  7. Curtain rods from galvanized pipes without the industrial look
  8. How to: make 3 kilim pillows for the price of one
B and I got really busy finishing up the school year and we made it just in time. It's so nice to have summer break now. We are filling the days with different activities, one of which is our favorite board game: Sorry! I am getting pummeled.

On the bathroom front we just had another day of installation today. There is still a bit of finagling to do, so they are making some adjustments in their shop and will be back next week with more to install. The bench top and front were installed today and it looks so good!

I have used this time between bathroom happenings to finish the entry way. I still need to get the artwork in. I bet you thought it came last Friday. Me too, but [insert some reasons here]. 

I need to shop for a vase for the entry cabinet #priorities. Other than that I am all set to snap some pictures and share with you. The cushion is back from the upholsterer and looks so great now and I have finished sewing all the pillows. Can't wait to show you.

4th of July is coming up. Are you ready to snap some pictures of fireworks?

happy 4th july

I shared a tutorial on how to use bulb mode on your camera to get some good fireworks shots.

I'll leave you with this and I hope you have a great 4th of July!

happy 4th july parade

More parade pictures

Because is there a better way to leave this post than a horse butt with letters on it? No, didn't think so.

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