By Katja Kromann
Did this site change its name?

March 2016

Yes. Yes it did.

It used to be Shift Ctrl Art. Well everything Shift Ctrl Art is still here. All links still work.

But some content has a new home.

Here is what happened:

I have so many interest and the blog grew into so many different directions, none of which I want to abandon. In addition to home design, renovation, furniture building and DIY decor, I also post about crafts, sewing, gift wrap, dinner, salads, desserts, and much more. It got a little cluttered.

So, I decided to split my website up and here we are. This website, Shift Ctrl Art, will stay the spot for home design and DIY (furniture and decor), but it has changed its name to A Home For Design.

My two new websites are called A Home For Food and A Home For Crafts. See how this works out?

Now you can choose what you want to follow. If you follow all three we are definitely friends for life.

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