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B's room - a do over

B's room - a do over
Back in October I posted a mood board for B's new bedroom. You can see here what his room looked like when I first did it in 2009.

B was on board, but then we had another talk as I mentioned in my 2013 goal post, which made me re-think the design. He was not longer on board with the moose and frankly, I was over it too.

For one of his advent calendar gifts he got a little Mario cross stitch kit, which he finished before the big advent calendar reveal.

Here it is again.

Mario is about 2 inches tall, so not that big, but I want to incorporate him into the space. And he is going to be. In a big way.

B is really into pixel art. In a big way. So we are going to do a project together for this. 

So without further ado... this happened.

Out with the old in with the new plan. Isn't it great that you can change your mind? I think that is a great feature. I use it often ha ha.

I have kept a lot of the original, but cleaned it up and de-moosifyed it. I already have a lot of the furniture and accessories that you see here and the items I don't already have, I plan on making a DIY project.

Scoll down for source list and my plan. 

1 Ritva (+ dye) - DIY project,
2 Stokke chair
3 Gåser
4 Diktad - DIY project
5 Image via - DIY project
6 Format
7 Paint colors: white and navy. Navy TBD.
8 Ekby Bjärnum
9 Furniture fabric
10 Fur fabric. I can't find the link - got it at JoAnn's - DIY project
11 Image via - This is a DIY project
12 Nyponros
13 Mario - hand made
14 Förhöja
15 Cotton fabric from JoAnn's. I can't find it on their website. - DIY project
16 image via - This is a DIY project.
17 Sonic - hand made
18 Hektar
19 Twåblad cirkel

Here is the plan:

Paint two coats of white - done
Paint a third coat - :sad:
Dye curtains
Paint two three coats of navy on a wall.
Fix bed
Install bed lamp
Re-upolster headboard
Sew decorative pillow. Or two.
Re-upolster chair
Improve on a rug
Install shelves
Install magnetic boards
Install wooden cubbies.
Make desk
Improve on trunk
Frame Mario art
Get a new dresser or shelving unit - havn't decided yet.
Art project. Or two.

This list is subject to change :) But let me put it this way. There is going to be a ton of DIYing. Can't wait to get started.

Are you doing any big room projects this year? Any painting? Do you have a favorite paint?

I used a paint with build-in primer in the hope that I could get by with just two coats... Guess not... Any advice?

B's room - dyeing for some navy curtains - how to dye curtains

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