By Katja Kromann

Semi home made Trader Joe's pizza - pepperoni and pineapple

Semi home made Trader Joe's pizza - pepperoni and pineapple

Yesterday we made this super easy pizza. All but the pineapple slices are from Trader Joe's. The pizza sauce (Thanks for the tip Anne :)) and pepperoni is right next to the dough in the cooler by the meat and ready made salads.

For take out pizza we have usually been going for Round Table pizza, but back in October they must have changed their brand and/or supplier of cheese because it started tasting like they are using plastic bags as their main ingredient. Rdrrrr. :sad:

So I have been looking for alternatives. Trader Joe's makes a whole wheat pizza dough as well as white dough and we have tried that a couple of times, but it is just not that great tasting.

I love whole wheat, but it reminds me of when I taste tested every brand of whole wheat pasta to make the switch from white pasta. Some of them - a lot of them - have a kind of a fishy after taste. Actually Trader Joe's makes my preferred brand of whole wheat pasta. No fishy taste, but their whole wheat pizza dough, I am sad to say... does not pass here.

So the white dough it is.

Forgot to photograph the cheese. Oops.. Can't have pizza without cheese...

First you roll out the dough - or as I do here - get your dh to do it :)

Put the dough on a sheet of parchment paper on a baking sheet.

Spread out about half the container of pizza sauce.

Add a couple of handfuls of cheese.

I prefer to get the pineapple in slices because it is thinner than the pineapple that already comes in chunks. Then I cut it into chunks right in the can. Just don't cut on the edge of the can as that will dull the knife. I love these little cans with four slices because they are perfect for one pizza, or one thing of nachos or one Mexican dish for 3, or two Hawaiian panini.

After spreading about a third of the package of peperoni and half of the pizza sauce, I freeze the rest like this. That way I can just buy the dough the next time and have toppings for a whole other pizza. I freeze it flat in zip-locks like this, so I can thaw it without using the microwave.

I added the pepperoni, pineapple and a small handful of dried oregano on top of the cheese.

Since I am not personally a big fan of pepperoni, I made my own corner of the pizza with apple slices instead.

I just sliced half an organic Gala apple for my corner. Peel on.

Then we baked it according to the instructions. 450F for 8-10 minutes. We baked ours for 10 minutes.

Ding! The pizza is finished!

And here is my slice of apple, pinapple, oregano pizza. It was so good, I am going to have it again. Today.

I know it might sound crazy with apple pizza, and it was crazy. Crazy good! Try it sometime!

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