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Master bath reveal

Master bath reveal
The wait is over. Our master bathroom remodel is completed. And we just passed our final inspection this morning! Woot!

Here is what the bathroom looked like before.

master bath reveal before 3

We kept the existing layout and reused the tub and several of the fixtures and we worked with the existing floor, but still gave it a completely new look.

Check out what it looks like now!

We made a new vanity out of IKEA kitchen cabinets and drawers. And then we had the vanity top, tub deck and surround and most of the shower covered in honed, white cultured marble.

master bath reveal

We got new sinks and faucets for the vanity.

We had a dark brown wooden looking tile installed along all of the back wall to stand up to and possibly take the attention off the floor a bit.

master bath reveal

Another strategy for the floor: cover it up some. I used a 6 ft braided rug in a tone on tone color to cover a large portion of the floor. Using a natural material in almost the same color as the floor, I feel, makes the floor look more intentional rather than 'just' being covered up. If that makes any sense.

Here is the view from the master bedroom before:

master bath reveal before 1

And after:

master bath reveal

We had a lot of white cultured marble installed to brighten up this bathroom. Including a solid marble pan in the shower.

We added brass hardware to the cabinets. I bought knobs and bin pulls and aged them instantly like this.

The shower before was a dark dungeon. The light and fan was one unit and so loud we always showered in the dark.

master bath reveal before 4

And now:

master bath reveal

We installed a super quiet - 0.5 sones - fan and two pot lights in the shower. And replaced part of the wall with glass. All making for a lighter and quieter shower experience.

We added a rain shower head - moved to the adjacent wall to make way for the new glass wall, and reused the valves for the faucet. We also reused the original shower head on the opposite wall - seen below. We reused all the plumbing for the tub, but we switched out the inner brass valves so everything works just like new.

We reconfigured the bench as well. Before we had a small triangular bench in the corner, but the shower was plenty big for a bench all along the back wall. The shampoo niche, we  moved to the opposite wall, out of sight. Who wants to look a shampoo bottles?

master bath reveal 1

This is me using a vintage ladder as a towel holder. I will let you know how long that lasts. Or if I install one of these instead and move the ladder somewhere else. It does look great though. And ties in with the mirrors.

master bath reveal

You can see all of the reveal of the toilet room here, where you can also download the Ferris wheel print.

We filled up this empty wall on the left - before:

master bath reveal before 2

With a tower / bench situation that Frank and I made out of more IKEA cabinets.


master bath reveal 10b

master bath reveal

I love this new seating bench. We placed the bin pulls on the lower fronts so they look more like drawers. The brass tones and the pillow further ties into the floor, again making the floor look intentional. Honestly like how the floor is adding warmth to the other neutrals now.

The tower has an outlet inside for recharging toothbrushes out of sight.

Also, meet my new favorite fabric (I think this is it) that I got in Denmark. It looks sort of like horse hair fabric, but it is cotton and polyester. I just love it. I want to upholster all the things with this fabric.

master bath reveal

Oh and are you missing the abstract painting I made last week for this space. Sorry. It was there for quite a while, then I was sitting in the living room the evening before taking these photos and looked at my zebra and just thought: That is just the perfect picture for that space. So they switched places.

I once read in a book that is is OK to change your mind.

master bath reveal

I will be back with a post with links to all the sources.

Here are the links to the whole master bath renovation:

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All our room renovations can be found under Rooms in the menu.

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