By Katja Kromann

Great Finds from Denmark and a weight loss update

Great Finds from Denmark and a weight loss update
I brought back a few things from our recent trip to Denmark. I always get so much inspiration when I go there. I am also sticking an update on my weight loss at the bottom of my post. Here are some of my finds this time.

Denmark recap 1

1 Swan fabric
2 Pillows from HM Home store
3 Rosti Margrete bowls, It's gray on the outside and white on the inside. I debuted it in my Mazarin cake recipe post here.
4 flower cut out tools for cookies or marzipan
5 Gold silicone molds for chocolate (The last ones in a bin at a supermarket - no brand)
6 Glass mushrooms Christmas ornaments. (Found at Søstrene Grene - no link)

For next Christmas I am already thinking a forest inspired tree with more color.

I took some pictures to show you what Denmark looks like in the Winter. Mostly.

Denmark recap 11

A typical day during the winter. Rainy and gray.

What a contrast to my pictures from this summer here and here.

Like this picture.

Our trip to Denmark Summer 2013 1

Although truth be told, it can be rainy and gray in the summer too.

Here is Tivoli in Copenhagen all dressed up for Christmas. We strolled around Copenhagen in December to see all the Christmas decorations. It was so pretty.

Denmark recap 11

We walked up and down "Strøget" a couple of times. That is the main shopping street in Copenhagen. This is around 3 or 4 in the afternoon. It gets dark so early in the winter.

Denmark recap 11

Copenhagen City hall. The week before we arrived in Denmark they had had a huge storm that even knocked over the tree, but here it is back up again.

Denmark recap 11

We went for a stroll in one of the bigger parks with some of my family over the holidays. Funny thing. When I first moved here and people asked if I wanted to go to "the park", this is what I was thinking of when thinking "park". Not a 200 sq ft mulched area with two swings and a slide.

Denmark recap 11

One day when visiting my best friend in Denmark we walked by this nursery. Check out how many pretty flowers there are.

Denmark recap 11

So fresh and green.

Denmark recap 11

Oh and let me fill you in on my weight loss over Christmas and New Years.

I told you about how I lost 12 pounds in 4 weeks and 3 more pounds in the following 2 weeks. Well by the time I arrived in Denmark, about 10-11 weeks in, I met my goal weight - 20 pounds lost!

My weight has been settling in now at around a 22 pounds weight loss from when I started back in the beginning of October.

Yesterday, I took a new picture of myself. I inserted a picture that Cris Spindler took when Better Homes and Gardens were here in August taking pictures of my bathroom. That way you can see what a difference it has made.

Denmark recap 10

Cutting out carbs is definitely the way to go for me. Now that I have tried it both ways with a low fat, high carb diet (4 weeks = 4 pounds lost) and a high fat, low carb diet (4 weeks = 12 pounds lost).

I think those numbers speak for themselves.

And I wasn't eating celery and broccoli only either. Here is my Christmas dinner. I had dessert too, and cookies.

Denmark recap 10

For New Years we shot some fireworks.

Denmark recap 10

And here is my New Year's dinner. I had dessert after that too.

Denmark recap 10

Here are some recipes of a couple of the goodies I ate over the holidays in between my Brussels sprouts, cabbage and smoothies.

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