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Elimination diet - what do I eat?

Elimination diet - what do I eat?

Yesterday i told you about my new way of eating and I posted a long list of things I cut out the first 5-6 weeks. I am on week 9 or so now and I have added back in almonds, eggs and a bit of honey.

First words out of everybody have been: So what DO you eat? What's left? I had that initial reaction as well.

Well, why not show you. Here are pictures of what I have been eating lately:

Eliminiation diet whats for dinner

Left to right, top to bottom:

  1. Beef stew with carrots, baked sweet potatoes and asparagus
  2. Zoodles (noodles made from fresh zucchini, then stir-fried) with meat sauce.
  3. Beef stew with carrots, lettuce, asparagus
  4. Curry beef, lettuce, asparagus, grated carrots
  5. Burger patty with fried onions, lettuce, avocado, cucumber - favorite!
  6. Cauliflower/butternut squash mashed with bacon and peas.
  7. Beef bone broth soup with carrots and parsley
  8. Cauliflower mashed with parsley and bacon - favorite!
  9. Burger patty with fried onions, avocado and cucumber
  10. Pea soup with bacon - favorite!
  11. Meatballs with zoodles, lettuce, cabbage, peas and grapes - favorite!
  12. Meatballs, zoodles with tomatoes (when i could add tomatoes), Lettuce, avocado, radishes, almonds (when I could add my first nut)
  13. Marinated beef strips, olive oil/garlic sweet potatoes, fried grapes, cabbage, grape and orange salad, lettuce with cucumbers (we had guests that day)
  14. Meatballs, bacon, cabbage with apples and grapes, oven roasted brussel sprouts
  15. Steak with sweet potatoes, asparagus and fried grapes - favorite!
  16. Meatballs, garlic sweet potatoes, grated carrot and oven roasted brussel sprouts - favorite!
  17. Beef stew with sweet potatoes and asparagus, cucumber and lettuce salad
  18. Burger patty with fried onions, spinach, kale and chard lettuce, cabbage, with cucumber and radishes

Lunch sides breakfast


  1. Bacon, sweet potato and pear hash with cinnamon, cabbage - favorite!
  2. Mixed baby greens, avocado, cucumber and radishes with chia seeds
  3. Mixed baby greens, avocado, cucumber with left over beef strips.
  4. Bacon, sweet potato and pear hash with cinnamon and avocado - favorite!
  5. Bacon, sweet potato and pear hash with cinnamon and cabbage, carrot and cucumber
  6. Cabbage with leftover meat sauce and oven roasted brussel sprouts
  7. Lettuce, apples, avocado
  8. Red lettuce (oak?) with carrots, peas and bacon - favorite!
  9. Mixed lettuce with cabbage, grapes and chopped roasted almonds (after I added almonds)

Sometimes I just make a green smoothie of some sort. (not pictured)


  1. I tried making my own pickled beets - they were good, but very tart.
  2. I made beef bone broth and chicken bone broth. We have added that to our soups. I didn't add a picture of our butternut squash soup, but that is another favorite.
  3. Beet gazpacho on mixed greens with toasted sunflower seeds. Recipe from my aunt.


  1. Almost every day I have that smoothie.
  2. On the weekends I sometimes have that sweet potato bacon hash with pears and cinnamon. It is so yummy.
  3. Last week I tried making sweet potato latkes with wild blueberry compote. So yummy. Recipe to come.

Eliminiation diet whats for breakfast

My breakfast smoothie. Easy, filling, yummy.

3/4 cup of water
2 heaping tablespoons of coconut milk
1 scoop of raw yellow pea protein powder
1/4 tsp raw stevia (it's a green powder and not as processed as the white stuff. Tastes better too.)
2 drops of vitamin D
1 tbsp of Flax oil (cold pressed, organic)
1-2 handful of frozen organic berries

Flrrrrrrr. Yum!

My smoothie got its own post.

Last nights dinner

Recently I am adding eggs back in. This is last night's dinner:
Burger patty with fried onions, asparagus and a salad of spinach, kale and chard, cabbage with some organic grapes and a slice of Paleo bread - grain and gluten free.

Here are some of the recipes I have used

Bacon, sweet potato, pear hash - this was from a limited time video. Bacon, sweet potatos, pears, cinnamon - fried. Topped with avocado
Tomato-less meat sauce
Zoodles (without the avocado sauce)
Cauliflower mashed
Ovenbaked brussel sprouts
Bone broth
Paleo bread - grain and gluten free

Nov word of the month thanks

I am devoting this post to our word of the month that I do with Amber.

I am thankful for my new way of eating. It tastes so good, it's filling and it fuels my tank. I am now thankful for brussels sprouts. Who knew?

happy thanksgiving

Today for Thanksgiving here is what I am making:

Beef in the crock pot, red cabbage orange salad, cranberry/orange sauce, garlic sweet potatoes. For dessert I am going to make an apple crisp with apple ice cream. It is tastes as good as it does in my mind, I will come back with the recipe :)

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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