By Katja Kromann

May round-up and new word for June

May round-up and new word for June
I set a few goals for myself, my blog, my organizing and for doing some challenges this year.

So lets see how I did in May.

My Blog

I posted 19 times in May, which with 4 weeks and two days in it translates to more than 4 posts per week.

Here are the highlights from May.

May round up

Left to right, top to bottom, here are the highlights of what I posted about in May

  1. How to make a forever wreath in 10 minutes - adding a circle element to my gallery wall
  2. Vegan butterfly framed art - Mother's day DIY idea - including printable
  3. Pinterest Challenge: B's blue wall reveal - we built a desk and some shelves and made a gallery wall
  4. Kitchen remodel: Putting in the new IKEA kitchen
  5. Memory lane: I made some willow baskets to decorate around our home
  6. Gift wrap for a one year old boy
  7. Kitchen reveal: before and after pictures of our kitchen remodel - how it all came together - Part V
  8. We caved and got a spray gun - again - So. Much. Fun - with video
  9. Deck off the master - repaired, planed, painted.


My goals are:
  1. Be less critical/judgemental - of others but also (mostly) of myself. - a work in progress.
  2. Take more weekend trips.
  3. Drink more champagne.
1. Are we bored listening to me talking about this each month? Tiny bit? Ok... consider this subject retired.
2. No weekend trip this month.
3. No champagne.

I think we have established my champagne pattern as well: Much too infrequent :) 

I instagrammed last Saturday, when I tried this new candy apple martini and it was pretty good, but a little too sweet for my taste.

For the next six months I will just mention if I went on a weekend trip.

My organizing

Well after all the nice progress I did last month with my craft closet and two other closets, I kind of dropped the ball except for the garage sale I talked about here.

Garage sale great finds gourmet potatoes 2 


I had both my little green 10 minute wreath and my butterfly art as well as my gift wrap accepted over at CraftGawker. The butterfly project kind of took on a life on it's own. It has been gawked over 2000 times and it has been re-posted by four other places, most notably by an online blog at our local newspaper OC Register.

In other exciting news I had my fourth feature over at, where they showed B's desk and gallery wall reveal. Thanks Jules!

I was invited to pin on another Pinterest group board. It's all DIY related. You can find it here.  It has over 7000 followers.

I chronicle all my features in order of date here.

Word of the month

In May the word was Circle. I did two things for it. I did the little forever wreath which I also used in the graphic and I posted about the circle moment of the garage sale.

How to make a forever wreath in ten minutes 1b

Amber, whom I am doing these challenges with did run around in circles just as promised :). Her stellar networking skills and blog reading also led her full circle to a legit blog job with Pretty Prudent. Congratulations Amber!

Here is the word for June:
June word of the month pattern
I have a bunch of sewing projects coming up. Stay tuned!

As always you are welcome to play along. If you do, and send me a line, I will feature your project here.

Favorite page is updated.

I updated my favorites page as well, as I do every month and the butterfly art just flew in on a 3rd place. I have ranked my top 10 posts of this year by views. Another new comer was my Easter display. Such a long time after Easter even, thereby pushing out another Easter favorite: the door wreath. The other one that left the list was another holiday craft: my Hey Girl. - Ombre Valentine's treat bags. . And with them Ryan Gosling left the top 10 too. Hey boy...

How was your month?

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