By Katja Kromann

A whole gingerbread village!

A whole gingerbread village!

Now that we are homeschooling - first anniversary coming up in about a month - there are certain activities that we miss from school. Yes there are a couple. One of them is making gingerbread houses for Christmas. So I thought: why not throw a little gingerbread house making party for B and a few of his friends.

I asked our friends to bring their Halloween candy, an empty juice or milk carton and a can of white frosting. I bought some graham crackers, gum drops, candy canes, peppermint candies, Twizzlers, Good & Plenty, Some Mike & Ikes. Then I supplied some cardboard and tinfoil to make the bases.

There was so much candy. This isn't even all of it.
The moms got in on the action too and that is why we ended up with a whole village!

I served hot cocoa with whipped cream and Danish "Pancakes" ebelskiver, æbleskiver with jam and powdered sugar.

Then we had a fun afternoon letting our creativity roam freely.

Here is each house on it's own. There are some crazy good designs going on. So many details and unique ideas. It was such an inspiration to see what everyone came up with.

I love the heart shaped candy cane door. And the snowman having a look out for Santa on the roof. Nice!

Love how this looks almost like an Igloo with all the mini Marshmallows. Nice touch with the gumdrop door handle.

I am really fond of the front yard here. Are these merry go-rounds? Garden light? Or Mom & Dad and two kids standing around with all their packages by their feet while opening the door... We might never know, but it looks terrific!

Check out the fancy chimney on this house. Love the blue little tree in the front yard and there is a Koi pond too with Swedish fish. The house style itself looks very minimalist modern. The people living here must be making some serious dough ... (pun ;)).

Another take on minimalism. I really like the red Twizzlers chimney and the sprinkle grass(?) roof top. And the snowman in the front there. And a mahogany door knob. Nice!

This one reminds me of a toy store. I love all the colors and layers going on here. Check out the nice symetric action also. Very architectural!

Last but certainly not least: the town medieval castle. With candycane/æbleskive cannon, a PICKet fence (could they keep out Hansel and Gretel?) and crazy amount of detail. An explosion of color. I love the sprinkle siding.

Such a fantastic collection of colorful abodes! Love it!

I had two things I wanted to do with my gingerbread house. 1. I wanted to cut my carton to fit the crackers, which I did like this. I free hand measured and then cut my carton and folded and taped it like this.
For the gables I cut two crackers with scissors to match the pitch.

2. I wanted to make a thatched roof with frosted cereal like this one on my Pinterest board. (via)

I think thatched roofs on gingerbread houses is the new black. You?

B made some mini marshmallow snowmen, that I copied with gumdrops above. They are held together with tooth picks. I cut a bit of twizzler for a scarf and used sprinkles for eyes and nose. The little packages have rolled Tootsie rolls for ribbon around a starburst. Then topped with a "Nerds" or something like that. Something from our Halloween candy, that I wouldn't dream of eating... but it works great for this craft.

Here is the whole village again on parade!

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