By Katja Kromann

Advent calendar 2012

Advent calendar 2012
Advent calendar 2012

The past two years my son has wanted a Lego calendar. That suited me well with all the remodeling we had going on, but as that has winded down now, I am back to wanting to make one for him and he was totally up for that this year.

A blast from the past his calendar from 2008:

So after we agreed to small  gifts and no video games, I shopped around for small trinkets and planned a few activities and got a little bit of candy as well, then I printed out a calendar.

Because some of the gifts are activities, I needed to plan on which days they were going to happen and I need to remember as we go along in December, so I have the supplies. I will do a gift reveal on December 21st, if you are interested in knowing what was inside all the packages.

Next I decided on a design for the numbers. Behind the scenes photo of the contenders. Drum roll please.


Scroll down for more...

Then I got together my supplies for the wrapping

I dusted off my Sizzix and cut out all the numbers. Do you have any idea how many 1s there are in Advent calendars? 13! I used a stamp die to make little stamp die cuts to back the numbers.

Then I assembled all the numbers.

Then I wrapped present like a maniac. I used strips of newspaper columns on top of brown wrapping paper, the tied with white ribbon and glued on the numbers.

Here are some close-ups.

Used a toilet paper roll for this present.

Then I screwed in a dry wall screw on my dining room wall and hit it with a bit of touch up paint.

Then I popped over to Lowe's to get some fancy chain. It was only $7.50 for 10 ft.

I really like the shape of the links, don't you?

Then I tied all the packages to the chain.

I just let the chain pool at the bottom

Advent calendar 2012

Want to see how I made that table decoration?

Linking up to Sand & Sisal

Did you make an advent calendar this year? Link up in the comments so I can visit you and see it!

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