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Vine topiary

Vine topiary

You need: 1 vine of leaves (I got mine at JoAnn's with a 40% off coupon at $7)
1 flower pot
1 flower stand. I have seen these at Lowes and places like that.
2 blocks of oasis 2 pieces of wire, heavy gauge.
Small pieces of light gauge wire
Plastic flower pot

Put the plactic flower pot upside down into the pretty flower pot. This takes up room and secures the oasis. Cut each piece of oasis in two and insert evenly around the plastic pot. Then fill empty spaces with crumbled newspaper. This is so you do not have to use that much mulch.

Then bend the wires into a round shape and stick on end into each block of oasis so the wires cross at the top.

Secure the wires with smaller wires so the cross stays in place.
Cut the vines to lenght. I cut min in two pieces and it was too long, so I shortened each vine to the appropriate lenght. I left the vines longer than the wires so the ends would cover the mulch. See later picture. Weave the vines into place. Fill in with the short pieces if you end up having any. I had two.

Cover bottom of pot with mulch.

Arrange the leaves so that most of the mulch is covered.

And here is the finished vine topiary.
No watering necessary :)

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