By Katja Kromann

Hand made gifts - felt votive sleeves

Hand made gifts - felt votive sleeves

I made some felt sleeves for some inexpensive votives that I got at Target a while back. I paid 50c for each.

They are almost perfectly straight up and down, so they were very well suited for this craft project.

I measured and cut a rectangle of felt that would fit around the votives. Then I made the patterns in Photoshop.

  You can download the FREE patterns here.

I printed out the patterns and taped the felt to the backside of the pattern. I held the felt and paper up against the light to line it up.

Then I used my MM eyelet tool-kit with the largest hole size. I put the mat underneath the paper and moved it along as I was punching.

Then I punched, and punched and punched.

For the gray sleeve I made a circle pattern. I punched the holes where the straight lines meet the circle.

I taped the sleeves to the votives while gluing the seam with a hot (cold) glue gun.

These were each less than a dollar to make.

Want to make the heart art on the wall? Instructions here

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Are you making any hand made gifts? What are you making?

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