By Katja Kromann

Zebra - acrylic paint

Zebra - acrylic paint
At the new art class I am taking, I had my first lesson in acrylic painting. I took some pictures of the painting as I went along.

First, here is the picture that I used to paint from.

I started out by sketching the outlines of the zebra.

As you can see I made lots of mistakes and erased before moving on to the next step. Luckily you can not see the eraser marks after it is painted over.

I painted over the entire painting with a mid-hue yellow and then painted the background gray. I chose to change the background color to gray instead of yellow.

Then I started adding in the highlights and the brown stripes.

After that I added some more layers of different browns and grays for shadowing and here is my finished zebra.

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