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Rubber band ball - office art

Rubber band ball - office art

Here is an idea for some inexpensive office art and a great do-it-yourself project. In fact, unless you like a multi-colored rubber band ball, then you will have to make one yourself if you want one like this :).

I got these nice neutral colored rubber bands at Staples. To start making the ball you take about 10-15 rubber bands and fold them up and tie another rubber band around them so it becomes a uniformely a round starting point as possible. If it is not perfectly round to start, do not worry.

Then - you guessed it - you simply add another rubber band around it, then another, then another and 1317 rubber bands later... you have a home made office sculpture with texture and a great shape as well.

This is a great project for kids. My son made this one while watching a video on the computer.

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