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Advent decoration

This is a Scandinavian tradition: Advent lights. It is basically a decoration, most often a wreath displayed horizontally with 4 candles on it.

You usually burn one candle the first Sunday of advent, two the following etc. until you get to Christmas.

I do not really like the look of the uneven candles as they burn down that way, so instead I burn all of them one fourth each Advent Sunday or as I did this year, had no time and used it as a Christmas eve decoration instead.

I used a silver serving dish as the bowl for my decoration. To protect it I covered the inside with a double layer of plastic wrap. (mine is an heirloom piece, but you could use something more contemporary or search the local thrift stores.)

I added four low glass candle holders (from IKEA) and a small succulent that I picked up at Lowes. I placed the plant on a lid from a sour cream container for added protection of my dish.

This is what that looked like:


Then I filled in the room with moss and odds and ends from my Christmas boxes.

I got some glitter candles from Target


Another view:


The lamps are from IKEA.

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