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Winter front door wreath - then dressed up for New Years

Winter front door wreath - then dressed up for New Years
I have slowly started getting my house back to normal here. The tree is still up, but I started tackling the front door.

Yesterday I showed you how I updated my front with planters that can live there all year round. Later I might layer with other plants or decorations. For now I have a "base".

Next up, I took down my Christmas wreath, which was really just a box wood wreath from Trader Joe's (under $10). I had added some glitter branches and glitter cones to it. You could see it in this post, but other than that I did not really post about it.

For the rest of the winter I made this wreath yesterday.

It started out as most of my wreaths do. With a vine wreath from the craft store.

I wanted something that was charcoal, but I did not have that color spray paint, so instead I just took turns spraying black and white instead. Then I topped that off with a good coat of glitter spray. I had two brands of glitter spray: Design Master and Krylon. The Design Master spray kept clogging up the spray head. I tried rinsing it several times, and then I would get one good spray and then it stopped again. I think the glitter particles were too big for the hole in the spray head. The Krylon on the other hand worked without a hitch. (No I don't work for Krylon - just my oppinion).  I got a nice even coat of silver sparkles right away.

While the wreath was drying I headed inside to make some pom-poms. There are many ways to make pom-poms, this is an easy way to make some. Can the internet handle one more tutorial on making these...? Well here is how I made them anyway. I have also seen these made with a fork.

I also made a couple of green ones. Then I strung them on black thread along with some store bought pom poms.

Then I added them to the wreath by tying or wrapping the string around some of the vine branches.

Here is a close up where you can see the glitter effect.

And there is my winter wreath on my door.

Then I added some serpentines for New Years.

And a couple on my lamp too.

I left my Christmas gnome out for now. No point in going cold turkey... ;)

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