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Dare to DIY Features: entertain - and a sneak peek

Dare to DIY Features: entertain - and a sneak peek
Features dare to entertain 5

I really enjoyed all the entertaining happening this past week. So many great project. I just loved visiting all of you to see what you had made.

Michelle, Kim and Rachel will also be featuring their favorites!

Here are my features from Dare to Entertain.

Features dare to entertain

Holly, a fellow California girl from Create, Bake, Celebrate made these fabulous Thanksgiving center pieces

What I really love about these is that the silver vases have stems on them and of course the eucalyptus paired with the hydrangeas are so pretty. Love this table!!

Features dare to entertain

Erin from Domestic Adventure made this lovely Christmas buffet center piece. I just love this darling little miniature landscape complete with trees, snow and little blue ornaments. Such a pretty display!

Features dare to entertain

Cassie from Primitive & Proper dreamed up these dipped log candle sticks. She used all sorts of power tools for this project. I am total awe! Love the dipped look on them too! Such a festive center piece!!

Next week it's Dare to give handmade and will by hosted this Monday by Rachel at Maybe Matilda.

Please link back to any or all of the co-hosts, then head on over to Rachel's to link up your project.

Feel free to use this graphic in your post too:

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Here is a sneak peek of what I have planned for next week's Dare to give handmade. I don't know if I have been a bit too ambitious this time. I will let you know on Monday.

Features dare to entertain

This week we were busy putting up Christmas lights and baking cookies. A lot of cookies. And we counted them. We always do.

Features dare to entertain 6

On the left - vanilla wreath cookies. Last year I made a Paleo-ish version of this recipe. This year we made them the regular way. The same way my Mom and I have made them every year since I was born. On the right Brown Spiced Crispy thins (brunkager).

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