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Unplug - Features

Unplug - Features
January was the month for unplugging.

Nobody likes a good challenges like I do, so I was thrilled when Amber and I came up with the idea of monthly word challenges. What I love about them is that the words will be general enough that you can interpret them broadly and as you will see in the following features of those that participated, they were interpreted BROADLY. :love:

Here are the challenges of those that participated:

First up is Amber from Wills Casa

What Amber did:


Amber writes:
  • No phone/computer until I’ve been awake for 30 minutes.
  • No phone/computer at lunch or dinner.
  • No phone/computer for 1 hour during the day (the time right after Ramona wakes up from her nap or when I pick her up from school).
  • No phone in the car (except using maps).
  • If someone is talking to me, then I’m looking at them not my phone/computer. (Nick could not be happier with this stipulation.) Nick Edit: She’s right.

And following up Amber writes:

I am going to continue being semi unplugged. I found that I’m way more productive when I step away from my computer. I know shocking. I’m going to put a timer on to manage my digital breaks to avoid that cycle of checking everything over and over. Read more


Kettlegirl from Bikini Competitor

What Kettlegirl did:


Kettlegirl writes:

This scene represents all that it means to get unplugged and get plugged into things that really make a difference. Being one with the mountain, one with oneself, one with the elements is what being unplugged is all about. All the incidentals, like dining at a nice restaurant or buying something in the gift shop are completely insignificant and irrelevant to feeling and thinking, juxtaposed by nature. Read more

Mette from MonstersCircus

What Mette did:

Mette writes:
Udfordringen består i, at fortolke et ord på egen vis, månedens ord er UNPLUG.

Jeg har derfor trukket stikket ud og skilt vores FORSÅ Ikeas skrivebordlampe ad – Idet vi har fået lavet kontor, ville det være sjovt, at lave et anderledes bordur.


The challenge is to interpret a word in your own way. The word of the  month is UNPLUG.

Therefore, I have unplugged and disassembled our FORSÅ IKEA desk lamp. As we have set up our office, it would be fun to make a different kind of table clock. Read more (use Google translate on the site)


I have a feature button in my right hand side bar, if you want to post one for your feature.


I made two entries for this challenge.

First, I unplugged and went with my family to Palm Springs where we went thrift shopping, went on an animal safari and spent some serious time at the pool. Read more.

Next, I showed you how to fix a wiggly outlet - a much more literal interpretation of the challenge. 

And that is how we all chose to


in January.

Want to play along in February? New word is going up in a bit...

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