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IKEA dream home + Blogger style

IKEA dream home + Blogger style
6 bloggers building an IKEA dream home

Did you get your IKEA 2014 catalog yet? I did and so did some of my blogger friends. That got us thinking... what would an IKEA house look like with some of all the new goodies from IKEA along with some of the tried and true ones?

Of course no one is probably going to outfit their entire house with only IKEA stuff, but just for fun, how would you decorate an empty house with access to only an IKEA store?

For this fun challenge I am partnering up with Amber from who is decorating a kid's room, Anu from, who is pulling together a living room, Ainhoa from is creating an outdoor space. I am doing a master bedroom, Kim from is putting her spin on a kitchen and Gretchen from is styling a bathroom. Using only IKEA items. By the way, this post is not sponsored by IKEA. We just like to pass along great finds.

Oh and this is for the word of August - inspire:

Aug word of the month inspire

Here is what my master bedroom would look like using only IKEA:

Midcentury moodboard
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Want to see the rest of the IKEA house as dreamed up by the other bloggers?
Go here to see the other five rooms:

Topper Amber
Find Amber's Kid's room here

Topper Anu
Find Anu's living room here

Topper Ainhoa
Find Ainhoa's outdoor living space here

Topper Kim
Find Kim's kitchen here

Topper Gretchen
Find Gretchen's bathroom here

I made another mood board with the same bed and bench, but everything else is different. I will show you tomorrow.

See more of my mood boards here.

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