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Unplug - how to fix a wiggly outlet

Unplug - how to fix a wiggly outlet

Are you feeling where I am going with this post.... Yup... getting literal... that's where.

So, the week before last, when I was tackling painting B's room. I removed all the outlet covers so I wouldn't get any paint on them. Then, before putting them back on, I noticed that three of the outlets were quite wiggly. You know when you go to insert the plug and the outlet just disappears into the wall? That's what was happening.

The outlook looks all innocent like this...

But when you press on it, it pushes back into the wall, giving you that nice wiggly effect. You can see the problem here is that the outlet sits on the screw without any backing behind the outlet because the gang box (uhhh technical term alert) was mounted too far back on the stud in the wall.

That's what we will fix now. By 'we', I mean, my husband will now show you how you do it.

Of course before doing any electrical work you have to ...


Oh and read my disclaimer too... (go to the website for that)

You disconnect the power in the power box that is located in the garage, the basement or maybe on the side of your house. Double check that it is really disconnected by using a lamp or something similar to check. If you are still unsure, consult with an Electrician :)

Next unscrew the outlet at the top, but leave the screw in. Leave the bottom screwed in.

Next grab a bag of these. I bought these at Lowe's in the aisle that has switch plates and outlets and stuff.

The bag looks like this:

It contains strips that look like this:

You can tear them apart to get the number you need for the thickness you need. Like this.

Then you press them together. If you have many, they go together like an accordion.

Next, you insert this little green plastic wedge around the thread of the screw like this.

Then you screw the screw back in. Check with the cover if the outlet now sits flush with the cover, or you might have to use more green wedges. If you find that you have to use so many wedges that the screws are not long enough to reach, Lowe's have really long screws for that. They are next to these wedges in the store. The screws have ridges in them so you can snap lengths of the screws off to make it the size you need.

Next, repeat at the bottom.

When it is all tight and secure, screw back on the cover plate. Now the green wedges keep the outlet in place so it does not wiggle anymore when you plug and unplug lamps etc. You can now turn the power back on.

And that's ...

brought to you by the word of the month: Unplug :)

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