By Katja Kromann

My favorite room in my home

My favorite room in my home
Today I am coming to you from the Daily Decorator, Tracy's blog. Tracy is taking a breather to focus on getting healthy after coping with dis ease for a while. She is asking other bloggers to help out with posts in the meantime and I am only happy to pitch in!

my favorite room

Check out my post at Daily Decorators.

Coming over from Daily Decorators? Welcome! I have a Home Tour tab with all the most up to date pictures of the progress we have made in our home. I also have a page with thumbnails of all the DIY projects I have made.

While my post over at Daily Decorators is about my favorite room in our house, I thought you might like to know over here  how I made that photo I used. Hint: I had help from B (my son) to click on the camera button and even more help from Photoshop.

favorite living room 1
I mounted my camera on a tri-pod and set the aperture to 2.8 and the ISO to 2000. This gave me a shutter speed of 1/60 sec. Because my tri-pod is set up 6 feet or so away from the edge of the gray and white rug, I don't have too much of a blurry background in spite of the shallow aperture. The shutter speed of 1/60 sec is about as low of a setting you can do before getting soft focus on people who are standing still. 

favorite living room 1

In Photoshop I placed all my photos into the same document. Hold down shift when you drag the images in and they will sit exactly on top of each other.

Then I used masks on each image. I actually erased myself on each image like this - using the mask. To learn more about masks see here.

favorite living room 1

That creates a black-out over my body in the picture. Then after selecting the mask in the layer palette, I pressed Ctrl + I, which inverses the mask making me re-appear, but all the back ground disappear. That's how I did it!

favorite living room 1

This was the other photo of me in the space. This is achieved by slowing down the shutter speed and then walking across the room while the shutter closes. 

A ton of interior decorating magazines have used this over the years. It gives an otherwise action-less photo a bit of life without taking the focus from the interior.

favorite living room 1

These were my settings for that picture.

Shutter speed: 0.8 sec
Aperture: F11
ISO: 500
Focal length is 24mm (zoomed all the way out)

You have to fiddle a bit with how fast you walk. Too slow and you don't get that fuzziness, too fast and you almost disappear from the image.

Are you a home/design/DIY blogger? If you would like to help Tracy out with a guest post, please contact Jamie on this email: sales at dailydecorator dot com.

Have you tried any new photo techniques lately? What is your favorite room in your home and why?

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