By Katja Kromann
Instructions for the leaf branch party set

Sizing in Cricut Design Space

When you import the box files into the Cricut Design Space, you have to size the box elements to the correct size or the chocolate might not fit if you use the same mold as I did. Also the lid and bottom need to be specific sizes so the lid has a nice fit.

Cricut Design Space is not able to read the original size from an SVG file, so it is usually necessary to change it to the right size before cutting. In Cricut Design Space you can check shape measurements in the Edit panel on the right hand side. When the shape is selected, the width and length of the shape is displayed in the Edit panel and you can type in measurements as needed.

Pdf files

It's a good idea to do a test print of the pdf files to make sure that it is printing out at the right size. In some pdf readers, like the Windows pdf app, I could just press print and it printed out at the right size. However, when using Adobe reader, on both windows and mac, I had to click in the box next to ‘Actual size’ in the printer settings to have the pieces come out at the right size. If I didn’t, the pieces printed out a couple 16ths too small.

On a Mac

/documents/Free Downloads/pdf-actual-size-mac.jpg

On Windows 10

/documents/Free Downloads/pdf-actual-size-win10.jpg

Check the test print with a ruler. You should find these measurements:

Invitation: 4.25 in x 5.5 in
Box: bottom 4 x 4 in, lid 3.1 x 3.1 in
Napkin ring: 0.5 in x 5.5 in
Leaf branch: 3.5 in long

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