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Baked Mexican Hawaiian bean chili burritos

Baked Mexican Hawaiian bean chili burritos
Baked mexican wraps

I know, two posts in one day, but these two kind of went together :)

I use these ingredients to make these burritos:

A shredded 3 cheese blend, Sliced pineapple from a can, and tortillas.

Trader Joe's flour tortillas. The ones I am showing here, have the best trade-off, in my humble opinion, between a pronounceable list of ingredients and taste. Next time you buy tortillas, try and turn over the package and see how they are made. Unlike some other products, there is a HUGE variety in how different the ingredient list is.

Sometimes I make  my own, but sometimes I am just too lazy.

I prefer the sliced pineapple over the chunks because they are sliced thinner and then I cut the slices myself by draining the can, then using a paring knife to make chunks. Like this.

I also use a portion of my

Mexican bean chili (recipe)

I take a wrap and put a healthy scoop of Mexican bean chili in the center.

Then I add some cheese and some cut pineapple on top of that.

Then I roll them up and put them into an oven dish like this. Sprinkle with a bit of cheese on top. I bake them for about 10 minutes on 425F until the tortilla is a bit crispy and the cheese has melted and is a bit brown.

We don't use up all the tortillas in the bag, so I have experimented with freezing tortillas and that works really well for this brand. I have tried other brands, but they stick together after being frozen. These ones don't, so I can take out individual tortillas next time we have this dish. This has cut down a ton on wasting them because they didn't last in the fridge for that long.

I simply place the whole stack in a 1 gallon zip lock and into my freezer.

Baked mexican wraps 2

Do you ever make baked burritos? What do you put inside yours? Have you ever made them vegetarian like this? How do make dishes that are fast, but still home made? I am always interested in finding more of those for everyday cooking! Let me know in the comments!

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