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Make art ART

There is something about defining space with boxes that I really like. It brings order and organization I think.

That is why I have a whole category dedicated to this phenomenon - give it a box.

A box can also be a frame or as here a shadow frame.

images/Blog Pictures/clay.jpg

My son made this very cute clay face - one of his first renditions of a face at three years old. I love his design here and the choice of colors for the buttons. Check out the bright pink one right at the center of the lips. Awesome!

I found this small shadow frame for around $5 at IKEA. I cut a piece of craft cardstock - stable item and hot glued the clay figure to the middle of it. I added the (wrong! - I noticed later) year onto the cardstock with rub-ons from Making Memories.

It sits in my kitchen and I love to look at it!

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I am a Danish American decorating life in Seattle. I love all things design and DIY.

I can’t think of anything more fun than coming up with project, making it, photographing it and sharing it with you on my websites.

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