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My 2009 ornament purchase

Every year I buy one new kind of ornament for my tree so that I have a slow growing collection of pieces that I really love.

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This is what I found this year. I bought 6 green ones - at the store you can pick out the colors individually. They were $1.95ea at Crate and Barrel.

I love that these have silver and green and that the green are beads with a translucent quality to them. These could be used for a number of other things and being flowers, all year round too.

I also got this for an advent gift for my son. They had them last year too, but on that batch the countries did not line up correctly. It looks like they had fixed that on this year's batch!

I also went to Pottery Barn, but I was not impressed with their collection this year. Then I went to Restoration Hardware - no good ornaments there either, but they had a really awesome stocking stuffer section where I found some "magical" items. That is all I can say at this time /images/Smileys/secret.gif

If you are looking for gifts in the 5-10 dollar range for kids, run - don't walk!

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